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We specialize in breeding top quality Rambouillet sheep and training working Border Collies. . Thank you for visiting and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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“If you don’t have a Tailwind Ewe you better get one”

Tailwind Farm specializes in producing high quality registered Rambouillet for the purebred and commercial lamb producer.

Buyers of Tailwind Farm Rambouillets can expect, due to genetic selection via NSIP records, that their purchased animals will perform in the showring or as seedstock.

Our registered flock selection is based on production of pounds of lamb and fine wool. We have kept records since 1978. Traits such as: mothering ability, multiple births, out-of-season lambing, hardiness, longevity and milk production.  In 2019 we enrolled in the National Sheep Improvement Program and added records all the way back into 2012.  In addition we purchased the UW-Wisconsin Rambouillet foundation ewe flock also with NSIP records and Benz NSIP genetics.  Our most recent stud ram and ewe additions have come from the Chapman NSIP flock featuring Osmond (Utah),and Dr. Jay Bobb (dispersed) genetics.  Tailwind Farms 43 year history can be traced in pedigrees of top purebred and commercial flocks.  Success stands the test of time as we have many repeat buyers of multiple rams.

Rams for Sale

Tag #DOBBirthCodonIndexWean WtGainMicronPW Gain365 wt
20033/20/2020TWQR101.7120@94 day1.1822.11.01299
20113/29/2020TWRR103100@87 day0.9922.11.32284
20184/3/2020QuintQR102.883@81 day0.9121.21.01277
20264/7/2020SRR100.495@77 day1.0622.90.67296

Stud rams from the Tailwind Farm flock have been used by the following universities: Brigham Young University, Utah State, University of Nebraska, Michigan State University, University of Wisconsin and Purdue University.

We sell our wool to a regional warehouse where each fleece is graded and select fleeces are available for sale to spinners.

We are always available to answer your questions. Delivery can be arranged to many locations in the United States, contact us for further details and our current sale list.


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